We have many occurrences of Padawans and Jedi going through crystal caves like the one on the planet Ilum, to harvest their own Kyber crystals. It induces visions, hallucinations and trials for the Jedi to pass.

What would happen if a non-Force sensitive would enter these caves?

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    Their head explodes – Valorum Nov 8 at 9:31
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    Nothing I guess. non-Force sensitive Sith have entered the caves. As long as you're able to overcome your fears, you can pass without harm – Shreedhar Nov 8 at 11:49
  • Force-sensitive walks in to the cave - has hallucinations, trials, and mind-blowing experiences to get past. Non-Force-sensitive walks in to the cave - "oooo look at all the pretty crystals!" – MissouriSpartan Nov 8 at 20:23
  • AFAIR (Clone Wars), use of Force is required to open such locations. The same happens when someone tries to enter a Jedi/Sith Temple. So the caves would not open for those not Force sensitive, or, at least, they would not be able to reach the Crystals, as this requires use of Force again – TimSparrow Nov 8 at 21:17
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    @Shreedhar "non-Force sensitive Sith"? – Jacob C. supports GoFundMonica Nov 8 at 22:26

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