Have any Hogwarts students been killed by their house animal?

For example, a Hufflepuff goes walking in the forest, and gets killed by a badger.


Yes, although probably not while they are still a student.

Severus Snape was killed by a snake, and he was a Slytherin student. The murder is described in Deathly Hallows chapter 32. J. K. Rowling claims that Snape was a Slytherin in the FAQ on her old website.

If a teacher is head of a house, can we assume that they were sorted into those houses when they were students at Hogwarts? Is that also true for the house ghosts? So was Snape a Slytherin?

Yes, if the teacher is Head of House you can indeed assume that they were pupils within that house. So Snape was very definitely a Slytherin and yes, the same is true of the house ghosts.

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    Snape being a Slytherin is also explicit in the books. For example in "The Prince's Tale" in Deathly Hallows we actually see him get sorted into Slytherin. – Alex Nov 15 '19 at 1:14

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