The "Han Shot First" scene has been changed again in the version of Star Wars streaming on Disney+. Are there any other differences between the Disney+ versions of the Star Wars movies and the most recent Blu-ray release?


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The biggest one is the Han/Greedo scene change done by Lucas himself before Disney acquired the rights but not released until now.

Han Solo may have shot first in 1977’s original Star Wars, but now Greedo gets a verbal parting shot. Lucasfilm confirmed to Vanity Fair this was a change creator George Lucas made even before he sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012.

Vanity Fair, George Lucas Himself Gave Greedo the Last Word in Controversial New Star Wars Edit

A representative for Lucasfilm confirmed in an email that the edits to the scene were made by Star Wars creator George Lucas himself before Disney acquired the company.

CNET, Greedo says 'Maclunkey' in Star Wars 'Han shot first' scene on Disney Plus

The next biggest change is new scans made for the footage so they could release it in 4k, see the comparisons in this tweet for example.

pre-4k shot of Luke post-4k shot of Luke

pre-4k shot of Han post-4k shot of Han
Click images to enlarge.

Some minor details around the film which might be of interest:

As far as I can tell the only real editing changes are the Han/Greedo scene and the new 4k scans though. Nothing else has yet been found.

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