Mild spoilers about "The Secret Commonwealth" follow.

Philip Pullman has announced before that the third volume of the Book Of Dust will be an "equel", that is, events will take place during the time of the Amber Spyglass, just as the "Belle Sauvage" took place ten years prior and "The Secret Commonwealth" ten years after.

However, having just finished the second book, I was somehow surprised to find that

there is a whole lot of events to be resolved at the end, with the declaration "to be concluded..." on the final passage. With the third volume about to be set ten years before, how will Philip Pullman do that? At the very least, one would expect to know what happens to Pantalaimon and Lyra at the Blue Hotel, as well as the resolution of subplots for characters like Alice, Malcolm and Hanna Relf.

Has there been any clarification about this?

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