I was remembering some animated series I have seen when I was a kid (late 1980s - beginning 1990s) about an inventor (he was an old man), a soldier (I think it could be an animated tin soldier?), a friendly monster (maybe a bigfoot or something similar) and a girl (I think she was related to the inventor).

As you can see I have a very vague memory about this series but I think it was not an anime.

I remember some episode where the soldier got possessed and was confronted by the monster and he (the soldier) matches his strength when usually the monster was stronger.


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I think I have found it after reading a long article about cartoons of the 80s! The serie was The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. It features a inventor (Newton Gimmick), a yeti-like monster (The Wooly Whatsit), a soldier (prince Arin) and a girl (princess Aruzia). I completely forgot about the eponymous Teddy Ruxpin or Grubby.

The chapter where the soldier where possessed seems to be S01E03 as for Wikipedia summary:

Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick, Prince Arin was at the jungle until they met the Grunges just then, Prince Arin fell into the soup and he is too strong, and was returned to himself.

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A couple of possibilities for inventor cartoons, but I can't seem to find anything to fit your other points.

Mad Scientist (an aborted Mattel toy tie-in) from 1988:

Dr Snuggles - a short-lived show from 1979 which was shown as repeats into the 90s:

  • Thanks! I am afraid that these series are not the one I am looking for. This serie has proben very difficult to find. I have googled all terms I remember and I cannot find it.
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