So, I watched the sequence of It (2017), and I loved the movie! But I have a question about Ben's flashback scene. In this scene, Beverly and Ben are talking in a way that shows they know each other.

(Just as a side note, I indeed know it wasn't Beverly there, but Pennywise. But still, the Ben there was the real one.)

The thing is, they can't know each other.

  1. Beverly Marsh and Ben Hanscom only officially presented themselves in the summer of 1989.
  2. They talk about the Losers Club, people who they only met also in the summer of '89.

Could this be a posterior epoch?

I believe not because, in September of 1989, after the blood oath, Beverly told Bill that she was going to move to Portland the next day. They could have gone to school before this, but in the blood oath scene, they still have the injuries of the battle against Pennywise. But in the flashback scene, Beverly doesn't have none.

So, can someone explain me this scene?

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