Once more I'm in the world of British comics from the 1960's/1970's... Hotspur, Rover, Beezer, Topper, Victor etc.

This was one that went on for a few months.

A small town (maybe in Wales but I'm not sure) has a mountain range nearby, including one that's slightly darker than the others. Geologists or miners start digging at a side of it one day and then all stand back in awe. A few hundred yards away some sections of rock crumble away and a large eye is glaring out at them.

There are shenanigans for a while as scientists are helicoptered in but by the time they arrive the beastie is slowly moving, I think towards the town. Herds of farm animals disappear but I can't remember how it moves fast enough to catch them.

The army rigs up a defensive live and use mortars to try and stop it but it keeps moving. I think it can do like an extending mouth (Alien Xenomorph!) and gets some soldiers yum yum.

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    Very nice ! I think I vaguely remember that one, but I don't remember where I saw it, alas !! – Alfred Dec 3 at 0:57
  • It sounds like the sort of thing that would be in 2000 AD, though I read 2000 AD in the 70s and I don't remember a story like that. – John Rennie Dec 3 at 8:08
  • I think it was the late eighties before I ever looked at 2000 AD. This was deffo a lot earlier when I was still a schoolboy – DannyMcG Dec 3 at 8:40

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