I am looking for manga I read but have lost touch with. It was about this guy who used a red scarf that when activated used a sort of roulette wheel to determine its form (e.g., it could be a sword). He used it in a game that he used his phone to enter.

In the first couple of chapters the guy finds out his grandfather made a game and had died but before he died he set up a trial for him to protect a tomb from the tomb raider who after raiding a tomb gets the master of the tomb as a weapon.

  • This manga is know as te silver gaurdian as well as Yin Zhi Shoumuren – Mr.Shadow9225 Dec 18 '19 at 0:33

This is The Silver Guardian (銀之守墓人, 銀の墓守り), a Chinese web manhua by Ling Meng and Ming Xung.

The main character, Shu Yin, is wearing a red scarf in almost all scenes I have seen.

Image of The Silver Guardian Manga

In Chapter 2, Page 3 there is a scene where an older man is speaking to what appears to be a young Shu Yin and he says:

So are you interested in grandpa's new video game idea?

And again in Chapter 5, Page 2 an elderly man appears out from a tomb and says:

My dear grandchild

Do you like what your grandpa has prepared for you?

More scenes from when Shu Yin was a child talking to his grandfather are from Chapter 8, Page 6 - 9, where his grandfather accidentally rips the scarf and offers feathers to Shu Yin for it to be mended.

And finally in Chapter 8, Page 12 there is a scene where Shu Yin's scarf activates and he flies off.

The description alludes to the fact he is the last Gravekeeper, and keeping the treasure safe from raiders:

...he expects to defeat the boss enemy to win, right? Alas, it turns out he's the last Gravekeeper and he's supposed to protect the treasure against the Tomb Raiders.

The summary has the following points:

  • Shu Yin is a poor gamer whose consciousness goes to a virtual reality game without warning

  • His quest is not fighting monsters, but to help them protect treasures from players called Tomb Raiders

  • A story of a gamer's purpose to protect the tomb from raiders that want to use the power within it

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