I understand that many people consider the Smallville world the heroes in CW Crisis crossover event to be a "true end" to the series... but there is a lot of evidence against that.

  1. Smallville ended in 2011, and the epilogue showed that 7 years later in their time (2018) Clark and Lois were still working at the Daily Planet, childless, and rushing to get married. More importantly, he was still Superman. So even if we take into account this could be the same world, unless it was waaaay further into the future, it would leave barely a year and a half for Clark to give up his powers, have kids with Lois, resign from the Planet and move back to the farm. But by all indications, the time/years in all worlds is the same. So right there, the math just doesn't add up.

  2. This timeline is elaborated on and reinforced by the Smallville Season 11 comic series, which maintained Clark retaining his powers and having multiple adventures.

  3. In that series we have seen alternate realities which simultaneously exist alongside the "proper" Smallville timeline; Brainiac showed Clark one, Lois ventured to another, and Clark Luthor came from yet another.

  4. Current comics show Clark, under the right conditions, wouldn't need to give up his abilities to have kids with Lois. And considering his position/destiny role/ responsibility as "the Light to show humanity the way", it's sort of selfish, which we have seen is against his very nature, in the show.

  5. Multiple entities that can see Clark's future in the show (the kid with that power, the Legion of Super Heroes, Dr. Fate!) showed Clark's future as "utterly blinding" and him "going on" and telling tales of him doing things that inspired the Universe. Him giving up his abilities would wipe out all of that, especially considering some of the legends the Legion still held about him.

This is also especially true considering the ever present threat of Darkseid in that world; not only would it be unwise for Clark to surrender his abilities and leave the Earth vulnerable for a take over, but it would make his family an utter target for the tyrant, and give him nothing to defend them with.

So while this would be a sweet little head nod to the Smallville fans seeking closure, it doesn't seem exactly likely. My question then is:

Is this TRULY the same Smallville universe we were watching, or more than likely some alternative take on that world?

Confirmation from the Smallville creative team may be the only way to be sure, but anything "officially stated" might help.

  • "This is an imaginary story. But then, aren't they all?" Dec 21, 2019 at 21:54
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    We aren't told in what way he gave up the powers. Jor-El did take them from him a few times during the show's run, so the fortress can do it easily, but giving the AI's attitude over the years with its constant "Embrace Your Destiny" shtick I somehow doubt that. Then there are both blue and gold kryptonite. Gold would mean giving them up forever, but blue would be enough to enable them to have kids in this continuity --- it did work for Dax-Ur after all.
    – BMWurm
    Dec 22, 2019 at 21:11

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As per the official words from Arrowverse part, it takes place after season 11 comics:

@mguggenheim Ok ok, so I know I asked some questions that can't be answered right now, but I bet many people want to know this one. Will any of the events from the Smallville Season 11 comic book be brought up by Tom in the Crisis? I think that question is harmless, right? : - Julian M. Clarke- tweet

They won't be directly referenced but we consider the comic to be canon (with one small "off-camera" repurchase of a certain farm). - Marc Guggenheim

But which year it takes place in Smallville is kept vague.

  • That still doesn't explain the time skip, as you mentioned, or HOW the world became safe enough for Clark to give up his powers. Considering that was a running theme in the show, it seems a bit off. But if they are considering the comic canon, then there would still be grave danger after its Continuity arc.
    – Russhiro
    Dec 22, 2019 at 13:26

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