In the Mandalorian Episode 6 "The Prisoner" Mando gets into a fight with Burg the Devaronian. Mando uses his arm mounted flame thrower (ZX miniature flame projector?), that has worked on others in the past including armored stormtroopers, on Burg's face to no effect.
In my research I found that Devoronians have two livers that remove toxins and carcinogens, they use sulfur as a stimulant, and the males look like 'devils'. All these things are associated with fire but there is no direct connection I could find. Are Devoronians shown to be immune to fire in other canon sources or is this to show that Burg is a Giant Mook or The Brute? (caution TV tropes)

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Most of what we know of Devaronians comes from Star Wars Legends. It is possible that this is just part of Devaronian biology in canon.

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