I need help to find a book I read years ago on an adult website.

The author had a group on Facebook and kept us updated on her stories. Eventually she got a publisher and even showed us what she planned for the cover. (A girl and a dragon)

About the book:

(I forgot a lot since I think I read it between 2010 to 2012, it was an ongoing series).

But it starts of with an orphan girl who works in an inn/pub. Her name was Sre. I think the innkeeper tries to rape her one night and there's this dragon egg in the shed that hatches at that moment and ends up defending her against the innkeeper. I think it kills him then she goes on the run.

She eventually builds a life for herself, paired with her dragon, I think his name was Blue. She meets a dragonrider with black eyes and is half alien or something like that. But they eventually marry. She has a dragon crest/tattoo, which could mean she's royalty.

  • Found an author named Cly Novak, with The Dragon Tamer, bones of the story seem to match, but it doesn't look like anything else ever came of it. The book itself doesn't seem to be online at all.
    – Radhil
    Commented Jan 1, 2020 at 14:18
  • @Radhil I think you've found it. It ticks a lot of OP's boxes - the main character is an orphan called S’re, and she has power over dragons and a strange tattoo. One of the Amazon reviewers mentions a "dragon/alien cross over" and the author's website (clynovak.wixsite.com/clytopia/books) definitely mentions "alien races" on the planet. Commented Jan 1, 2020 at 14:39

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It looks like this book was The Dragon Tamer, by Cly Novak.

This answer is largely based on a public forum post (NSFW, possible trigger warning too) that carries elements similar to what you describe.

  • Female protaganist named S’re, orphan, works at an inn for food/shelter.
  • Soldiers with black eyes and dragons. Mostly hostile, but one, Roscrow, starts bonding.
  • Innkeeper is an ass.
  • Definite rape elements.

There does appear to have been a full novel published around this story, and Amazon has a listing for it, but no eBook format is currently available for sale. The author does not appear to have updated their website since the printing, I cannot find any other primary internet presence for the author, and I can find no other books bearing the author's name.

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