I am looking for a particular cartoon which, I am fairly sure, is from the Order of the Stick series -- but I've looked through the first 250 and I couldn't find it.

I am reasonably sure it's a webcomic, and probably Order of the Stick, but it could also be LFG or another World of Warcraft-related comic.

This is after the party kills several low-level enemies and, upon looting their corpses, find a crudely drawn picture which looks as if a child has made it. It shows a family of rats? goblins? which has "We love you daddy, come back home soon" written on it.

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    I am fairly sure this isn't from OotS, though it is a common idea that I've seen multiple variations on over the years. – jwodder Jan 4 at 21:36
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    Agree with @jwodder - I've re-read all OotS recently, and don't remember such a thing in it, but yeah, I think I do remember such a scene in another comic. – Jenayah Jan 4 at 21:42

Thanks to @jwodder's comment, I found it. They were right - the one I meant was not from Order of the Stick but The Noob Comic #25:

adventurer finding a kid's drawing in a rat's wallet

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    Don't forget to self-accept in 44 hours. And congratulations! – FuzzyBoots Jan 5 at 1:24
  • Geez. That's pretty brutal. – Alex M Jan 6 at 23:16

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