In Men in Black: International (2019), before they meet a pawn and its queen, Molly and Agent H are about to enter an old antique shop:

Molly: Looks like a couple days' worth. No one's been out to collect.

What is that thing that no one's been out to collect?


There are a number of parcels that have been dropped off at the front door of the curio shop.

enter image description here

No one's been out to collect the parcels.


The novelisation clears this up, there were a couple of days worth of Amazon parcels at the door.

Em noticed the stack of Amazon packages piled beside the door; many of them had addresses located on other planets and even galaxies. "Couple days' worth," she said, "No one's been out to collect."

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    Eww. Novelisations. Who reads those? – Valorum Jan 6 at 10:47

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