In Flowers for Algernon (by D. Keyes) there is a passage describing a movie that main protagonist was watching:

A psychological film about a man and woman apparently in love but actually destroying each other. Everything suggests that the man is going to kill his wife but at the last moment, something she screams out in a nightmare makes him recall something that happened to him during his childhood. The sudden memory shows him that his hatred is really directed at a depraved governess who had terrified him with frightening stories and left a flaw in his personality. Excited at discovering this, he cries out with joy so that his wife awakens. He takes her in his arms and the implication is that all his problems have been solved.

Movie's title was not given. Does the described movie actually exist (if so - what's the title?) or is it invented by novel's author for narrative purposes?

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    lol this is a very meta story-id question. The story we are actually being asked to identify wouldn't be on-topic on the site, yet it comes from an on-topic film. Neat! Off-topic story id questions have a loophole now! Write a quick Harry Potter fan-fic about him dreaming of some random story / movie and ask what was he dreaming about ;D – NKCampbell Jan 11 at 2:43

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