Part way through Spider-Man: Far From Home we get the reveal that...

Mysterio is fake and it's all an illusion.

However, of note is that Quentin Beck is also a fake name as we learn when he thanks Guterman after getting Tony's glasses:

Quentin Beck: To Guterman; the story you created of a soldier from another Earth named Quentin fighting space monsters in Europe is totally ridiculous, and apparently exactly the kind of thing people believe right now!

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Of course it had to be a fake name as he was high up in Stark Industries and so his real name would have pulled into question the entire back story when he approached SHIELD.

So, do we know what Quentin Beck's real name actually is?

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    My money's on Bentin Queck. – Paul D. Waite Jan 20 at 11:22
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    This is something I've also been wondering about, we might not find out unless/until Mysterio returns. Until then, we can go with Bentin Queck. – Ethan Westmoreland Jan 20 at 12:12
  • Launchpad McQuack? – Shreedhar Feb 4 at 15:51

This has been left intentionally unclear and mysterious. Jon Watts, the director, was asked this question directly and left it up for the viewer to decide what they felt was right.

Interestingly he does state "he was able to mask himself and his background and change all of that". Now the two parts here, "mask his background" and "change all of that" are in contention. So he could have masked his background so it was hard for people to find out about a Quentin Beck who used to work for Stark Industries or he changed it and came up with a new name.

IGN: Is Quentin Beck actually his name, or is that a fake name? Because we were like, "How to no one check up on this guy and not notice that he worked for Tony?"

Watts: Some of these are deleted scenes as well, but you have to think that, in addition to all this technology he was using, that there was a way that he was able to mask himself and his background and change all of that. So, I think what's good about Mysterio that it doesn't all remain mysterious. There's a lot of questions at the end of the movie that are part of what makes Mysterio fun.

IGN: And, so I'm not mischaracterizing you, are you saying it's a deleted scene of kind of getting into how he's masking his identity?

Watts: There's a little bit more of like seeing behind the scenes of how they put everything together. But, it's just things that didn't make it for time. I want to see how people interpret it and see if people come up with what we can offer.

IGN, Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Jon Watts Answers All Our Biggest Questions

Looking into the sentence used in the question by Mysterio himself the "named Quentin" part is totally redundant if he is talking about himself. I don't think we can infer too much from this but it does lend credence to this not being his own name.

If we look into the flashback of Beck when he was working for Stark Industries we only ever see him in a black suit with no name badge so that isn't overly helpful.

Black and white close up of Beck in the flashback Profile of Beck in the flashback after hearing Tony named his creation BARF
Click images to enlarge.

The deleted scene Jon references above, if I'm looking right, is with Beck and his team in London. It shows them instructing people to film what happens and then making the fake shockwave. It then shows us Fury calling and his response to it and how good of an actor Beck is. Unfortunately, though this is just about how they got the whole plan to work but shows nothing of his backstory.

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The character name as given in credits, post film information and throughout the movie is Quentin Beck.

There is no reason to suspect that his name is not Quentin, the story that is created is about a character from another Earth, so having the same name as a person that happens to exist on the MCU Earth could be sold very easily. As could the fact that both work for Tony Stark, remember in our own stories and fiction we happily accept the idea of the same "person" existing in different versions of the same planet with slight differences in personality etc. You could imagine the dialogue:

"Quentin Beck, we have our own one of them, a self opinionated egotistical scientists who has a history of mental issues but a brilliant brain" - Fury

"It is so amazing how one life can be so different, that could have been me but for the love of my wife and the family she gave me, maybe once we are through this I can track him down and show him the man he could still become". - Quentin

Also, and this cannot be understated, remember it is not Fury and Maria he is having to convince.

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  • FWIW the reason to suspect it isn't his name is the quote in the question. Of course it could also be his name but as it is in the film the evidence more strongly points to it not being it. – TheLethalCarrot Jan 20 at 14:41
  • The Skrull part did cross my mind but remember he's not only revealing himself to them two but the whole world/SHIELD. It stands to reason that at least one other person would recognise the name of some talented scientist that used to work for Stark or would have done a background check. – TheLethalCarrot Jan 20 at 14:43
  • I would argue the film evidence doesn't point to this, "a soldier from another earth named Quentin" as opposed to Quentin the fired Stark Employee who was mentally unstable. The quote can be taken several different ways. – Richard C Jan 20 at 14:46
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    The "named Quentin" is redundant though if that is his real name, it would be odd to say. For example, if I was saying it about myself I wouldn't say "A solider from another Earth named TheLethalCarrot" but rather just simply "A soldier from another Earth". – TheLethalCarrot Jan 20 at 14:47
  • If he had a different name then you could expect that to be detailed somewhere either in the official Far from home script etc, or in the related material, the fact is that every official source states his name is Quentin Beck and it was Quentin Beck that was fired by Stark Industries. Quentin would not be the first, or the last villain to talk about themselves in the 3rd person. – Richard C Jan 20 at 14:50

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