The Wikipedia page for Marvel's Avengers comics uses the following cover for the main illustration:

Marvel's Avengers Vol. 3, #38 Cover

This comes from Avengers Vol. 3, Issue 38, which according to the Marvel Fandom Database entry has a fairly long list of featured characters (significantly more than appear on the cover).

I'm in the process of updating the caption on that Wikipedia page, which up until earlier today was missing identifiers for several of the depicted characters. The one character I can't definitively identify is whoever's standing near the middle, with their face showing between Captain America and the Scarlet Witch:

Unknown face on cover

Here's the list of featured male characters who I haven't already identified on the cover (in order of my top guesses):

  • Living Lightning (Miguel Santos)
  • Wonder Man (Simon Williams)
  • Black Knight (Dane Whitman)
  • Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)

Perhaps someone who has access to the book can clarify who that last character is on the cover?


Evident from his glowing eyes and silvery hair, its Simon Williams aka Wonder-Man

enter image description here
Avengers Vol. 3, Issue 38 cover; click image to enlarge

He appears later as well in the same issue:

enter image description here
Avengers Vol. 3, Issue 38 Page 5; click image to enlarge

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    Oh yeah, I think you're right. The image on Wikipedia was so reduced the glowing eyes weren't visible to me. – Daniel R. Collins Jan 22 at 18:37
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    @DanielR.Collins if it answers your question, feel free to accept it by clicking on the tick mark beside the asnwer – Shreedhar Jan 22 at 21:15
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    Definitely. Customarily I give it a day to see if other people have more input (and upvotes). Maybe in this case that's overkill, thanks! – Daniel R. Collins Jan 23 at 4:10

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