I recall reading a comic book (possibly a graphic novel) in the late 80's which had some disturbing imagery. I can't recall much but here are some of the things I do remember;

  • A very burly reformed criminal (possibly forcibly reformed?) donates his own arm to a child. It was comic (pun intended) how out of place the child looked with one big burly arm, but he/she loved the man for donating it.
  • A different child with a bandaged head is all dopey (possibly drugged) while an evil dude manically eats part of his/her body

The comic was from my cousin's collection, so I didn't get more than a brief look at it and now it is 30+ years old, so I am not holding out much hope. However, every now and then these images come to mind and I wonder what the original comic was.


EDIT: Adding some additional details. The burly guy was definitely an antagonist earlier in the comic. Later, I think he realises he was duped and is angry he gave away his arm.

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    These both sound like Heavy Metal, but I don't recognize the individual stories. – Zeiss Ikon Jan 23 at 18:35
  • It's not from the first 30 issues or so of Heavy Metal, nor from the similar Epic Comic. I would have remembered that. Maybe it is from UK comics 2000 AD or Warrior - some of their stories were quite grizzly. – Klaus Æ. Mogensen Jan 24 at 9:16
  • @ZeissIkon Perhaps. I don't have an easy way to find out, but thanks for the reply! – Trenin Jan 24 at 14:21
  • Not a comic, but that sounds like the Aeon Flux episode called "The Purge". imdb.com/title/tt0783304/?ref_=ttep_ep9 – Futoque Jan 24 at 21:04
  • @Futoque I am pretty sure I read it, and the images were still images. Unfortunately that link doesn't give me anything to go on. Are there any portions of it I can view online? – Trenin Jan 30 at 15:12

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