There was a scene where a random woman was knocked onto a window, and as she slid down, she wrote Japanese symbols with her blood. There were also scenes where a guy said phrases that allowed him to channel something out of his palms. And as odd as it sounds, there was a scene where this woman met an old lady in a house and the old woman became some demon, making the younger woman float in air and molest her in some way. The last scene I can remember was that same woman who was molested was rescued, and she looked up to see a body with blood dripping from the ceiling, and the man who rescued her made her look away and had her covered in some sheets.

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    In what year did you saw it/Animation quality/Happens on earth?/Is there an MC?/Story happens in present or is a history setting? – RigaCrypto Feb 6 at 13:11
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    Any descriptions on the characters. Hair color, day, night, why type of monster was it. Thinkgs like that help out. – myriaidee1sessh43 Feb 9 at 18:43

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