I recall seeing four new TV series that appeared on the SciFi channel about the same time. Two of them were Farscape and First Wave. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the other two. According to IMDb, they both started in the US on the SciFi channel in early 1999. Can anyone tell me the other two?

  • "The big day is tomorrow, when the Sci-Fi Channel launches two new series [Farscape and First Wave[ along with new episodes of "Sliders" -- that show is harder to kill than Rasputin -- and "Poltergeist: The Legacy."" - - sfgate.com/entertainment/article/… – Valorum Jan 27 at 19:58
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According to Wikipedia, Farscape debuted on the Sci-Fi (SyFy) Channel on March 19, 1999 and First Wave debuted on September 9, 1998.

Other shows that debuted in that general time frame were:

  • Sliders, which was not a new show. It debuted on Sci-Fi on Jun 6, 1998, but previously had been on FOX.
  • Poltergeist: The Legacy debuted on the Sci-Fi Channel on March 19, 1999, but it previously had been on Showtime.
  • Welcome to Paradox debuted on August 17, 1998. This was an anthology series where all the stories took place in Betaville.
  • Good vs. Evil debuted on July 18, 1999. A comedy sci-fi series about God recruiting people who had died to help fight demons. It is currently showing on NBC's Chiller channel.

Other shows debuted before 1998 or after 1999.

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