Certainly they are reminiscent of the name Lal, which means "loved one" in, I believe, some South Asian languages...

But what do we know here, both in and out of universe?

  • Apparently the words (in Sanskrit) mean "Dowry" and "Buckwheat" which isn't much help. Soji's surname (Asher) means "hope" so there may still be some connection. – Valorum Jan 29 at 7:41
  • @Valorum I believe the Dowry is dahej which is pronounced a bit differently. – Karan Shishoo Jan 29 at 8:54
  • Also the way Dahj is said sounds like how a non native speaker would say धज (dhaj) which means sun. (This is just my opinion though) – Karan Shishoo Jan 29 at 9:08
  • @KaranShishoo - Either way, not nearly as obvious a match as Lal – Valorum Jan 29 at 10:38

Well, Soji means, "phraseology," "wording," or "diction" in Japanese. Very similar to "Data," "Codex," etc.

Not sure about Dahj, but I imagine it's something similar.

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