There are a lot of changes coming in the future DC films [Robert Pattinson playing Batman is just one!] But I'm uncertain where that goes in terms of timeline. Considering the success of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam and the upcoming WW-1984, it would seem that film universe is still active, currently.... but logic would dictate that Pattinson's Batman most likely wouldn't fit the space Affleck left. I've heard no plans to balance these differences out.

Similar to the snippets of info for Marvel's "Phase Four", are there any known "official" plans for the DCEU's continuance from here?

Are there any plans at relaunching it with new Superman and Batman stories or actors, since the original actors have departed?

Is the new Flash movie going to continue from Ezra Miller's portrayal?

Are they going to continue with new actors, or just start from scratch?

does anyone know any details?

  • And what of Cyborg?!? Jan 30, 2020 at 20:27
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    Cyborg is in the Doom patrol series, which it has been stated is in the same universe as the teen Titans. I don't know if it has been clarified yet if this is DCEU, Arrow Verse, or another universe all together.
    – Richard C
    Feb 3, 2020 at 15:06

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The best answer right now is that we just don’t know and that in part is because DC doesn’t seem to know.

The critical and financial failures of the justice league and Batman vs Superman films made Warner Brothers rethink there plans and from what we can tell success of wonder woman, Aquaman and Shazam has led to them focusing on standalone movies rather then forcing crossovers on the public.

Currently the release plans are Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 2 in 2020 there are no indicators of any crossover here.

2021 the Batman, suicide squad (confirmed reboot/re imagining), and black Adam.

Shazam 2, Aquaman 2 and the flash in 2022.

Given black Adam and Shazam have history there is a possibility for crossover with these films but it seems that Warner is doing a soft reboot, accepting the events of justice league happened but not directly continuing on those story arcs. Shazam at least confirmed there is a Batman and Superman in the dceu they may take a bold option and just change actor as marvel did with the hulk in the mcu, without rebooting the character.

The flash is not being recast nor are Shazam and wonder woman, as far as I am aware Dwayne Johnson is still plying black Adam so the dceu is certainly not being canceled, to date it has made just over 5 billion in revenue and Aquaman broke 1 billion so they have seen that when done right the franchise with these actors is worth money.

Crisis on infinite earths showed that the tv dceu does exist in parallel to the movie universe (grant gustin’s flash met Ezra Miller). So if any of the movie actors start to struggle they could slip through a crack in the universe to a successfully well written dc franchise easily ;).

In addition we have to coinsider the newly created Teen Titan's and Doom Patrol series, both of which I believe are meant to fit in the DCEU as opposed to the Arrow Verse in much the same way as Marvels TV shows are meant to compliment the wider MCU

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