I read a book in elementary school, but I can't remember the name. Here's a few things I can remember: A man (who already has a daughter) gets married to a goth lady with three kids. One of the new step-siblings is a little girl who can seemingly turn into a cat; the middle child is a scientist who does crazy experiments; and the oldest child is thought to be a vampire. The entire book is written from the POV of the man's daughter. In the book, the parents go off on their honeymoon and hire a military nanny who is very strict, and the kids team up to get rid of her.

That's all I can remember.

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    Are there 3 kids or 4? You mention the woman's 3 kids and the man's daughter. – DavidW Jan 31 '20 at 15:02
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    And when were you in elementary school? Did the book seem new then? Was the book short or long? Were there illustrations? Do you remember anything about the cover? – FuzzyBoots Jan 31 '20 at 15:07
  • @Emma C Get rid of the srict nanny? You mean drive her away? Or do you mean eliminate her? – M. A. Golding Jan 31 '20 at 16:29
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    i ended up stumbling on the book not long after!! the series is called meet the kreeps :) – Emma C Jan 31 '20 at 19:02

Per the OP's comment above, this was the Meet the Kreeps series by Kiki Thorpe.

The titles of the series include:

  • There Goes the Neighborhood (2008)
  • The New Step-Mummy (2008)
  • The Nanny Nightmare (2009)
  • The Mad Scientist (2009)
  • Three's A Krowd (2009)

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