I remember watching a live-action TV episode or film on TV (English, USA) sometime in the early to mid 1990's that featured a prison starship. The prisoners all live in a single "room" on one of the starship decks, separated from the ship's crew and freedom by a long row of prison bars. The prisoners have a shared hope of liberation, some sort of prophecy or promise that someone would come one day to break them out. They don't know who the person is, but they have a copy of that person's coat of arms hidden away on a wall behind a curtain, which turns out to be none other than the Superman "S" shield logo. I do remember that the story gave me quite a foreboding feeling, resembling a horror story more than a traditional superhero flick.

None of the 1970's or 1980's Superman films seem to match. I'm almost certain this was not a DCEU or Arrowverse production as both of those continuities started in the early 2010's, at least 10-15 years after I saw this.

The takes-place-on-a-starship-but-in-a-DC-universe setting reminds me of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but that series was produced 20 years too late to be what I am looking for.

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    Live-action Superman in the 90's makes me think of the Lois and Clark: New adventures of Superman series, but it sounds a bit cheesy compared to that description.
    – Jenayah
    Commented Feb 1, 2020 at 3:59
  • @Jenayah I'm seeing that as showing about the same time as when I saw this, but the descriptions don't seem to match. This was more of an Outer Limits or Twilight Zone-esque horror story than a romantic comedy. Commented Feb 1, 2020 at 4:01

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It's from the Superboy TV series, namely season 4, episode 13, "West of Alpha Centauri".

From Wikipedia:

Superboy and Lana are kidnapped and taken aboard a spaceship whose destination is a paradise planet just west of Alpha Centauri. Inside the ship, Superboy finds most of the occupants are prisoners of a deranged captain, and they all believe Superboy is their savior from an old prophecy. But the jailers are stronger than Superboy, and he can't escape without the help of the prisoners who are too busy fighting among themselves. Superboy must find a way to convince everyone to band together to overthrow the captain and take back control of their ship.

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