In Alien 2003 director's cut edition, after

activating the self-destruct system, Ripley goes down a ladder to a part of a ship, where she finds Lambert and Brett, and kills them.

How did Ripley know where they are/head to this place, in case she didn't know she would find them there?

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In the shooting script we learn that she heard crying.

Ripley running toward engine room.
Out of breath.
Exhausted she stops, gulps for air.
Suddenly, ahead of her, the sound of human weeping.
She moves quietly ahead until the source of the sound is directly under her feet.
She is standing on a round metal plate.
Ripley starts to remove the disc.

The official novelisation contains much the same description.

All that thinking brought her back to her senses. Gulping for breath, she slowed and took stock of her surroundings. She'd run the length of the ship. Now she found herself standing alone in the middle of the engine room.

She heard something and stopped breathing. It was repeated, and she let out a cautious sigh. The sound was familiar, human. It was the sound of weeping.

Still cradling the flamethrower, she walked slowly around the room until the source of the noise lay directly below her. She found she was standing on a companionway cover, a round metal disc. Keeping half her attention on the well-lit chamber surrounding her, she knelt and removed the disc. A ladder descended into the near darkness.

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