In Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Episode 11 Perpetual Infinity, the mirror Philippa Georgiou says:

You have obviously confused me with my sentimental prime universe counterpart. I'm Terran.

(emphasis mine)

As far as I know, this is the first and only time the term 'prime universe' is used in-universe. Are there other instances where this naming is used in-universe? And, wouldn't the mirror Georgiou think that her universe is the prime one?

(Transcript here)

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    Yeah, Mirror-Georgiou's comment doesn't make any sense in-Universe. Why would anyone not consider their Universe as the prime one? The writers dropped the ball on that one. – Rebel-Scum Feb 9 at 19:25
  • From her perspective I agree she would consider her universe to be the prime universe, but those from "our" prime universe would not. Perhaps she is using those terms so that she doesn't confuse those with "our" perspective (she also referred to herself being from the mirror universe in a later episode). – billoverton Feb 13 at 13:23

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