In Dark Phoenix (2019), after Jean faints Scott with her hands, Vuk meets Jones:

Vuk: So this is all that's left of the D'Bari Empire?

Jones: Greetings, Vuk. Have you learned their language?

Vuk: With ease.

Why didn't Jones answer Vuk's question?


Because there is no need. It is not a question, it is a(n unhappy) fact phrased like a question. A sad lament at the current state of the world,if you will.

An analogy is in order. Two high school friends meet after 20 years at the reunion.

Vuk: My god. Have you really gotten that fat and bald or is my eyesight going, old friend?

Jones: Hi Vuk. Have you learned German like you always wanted?

Vuk: With ease.

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