We know of three Soong-type androids, B4, Data and Lore. It is possible there were others.

We know in Picard 1x01 "Remembrance" - that the type of Synth that Dahj and Soji are, are created in pairs.

Jurati says it would be possible to create a female android from Data's positronic neuron, using the plural "they."

Picard asks, "twins?"

Jurati concurs: they were created in pairs.

"So there's another one..." Picard muses.

We have other information on Data from the episodes:

but only provide scattered information.

That leads to a few possibilities:

  1. That Data/Lore and B4 are of a different type of Android to Dahj and Soji, and are not under the constraint to be created in pairs

  2. Dr Soong created Data and Lore as a pair, and B4 had a pair was was never seen

  3. Dr Soong created lots of Androids we didn't see, and Data and Lore are not a pair.

Were Data and Lore created as a 'pair'?

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    I am pretty sure that if they were, Picard would know. Also, I think that the creation in pairs refers to the new method of fractal cloning (or however it was called).
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    Dahj and Soji aren't even Data's first daughters. Remember Lal! Commented Feb 17, 2020 at 13:36

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No. Soong created Lore first, then Data.

This is confirmed by Soong himself in TNG: Brothers:

DATA: Lore also told me the colonists petitioned you to replace him with a less perfect android.
SOONG: The last thing you should think of yourself as, Data, is less perfect. The two of you are virtually identical, except for a bit of programming.
DATA: It was a lie. Another lie.
LORE: I would have proven myself worth to you, if you'd just given me a chance. But it was easier just to turn your back and build your precious Data.
SOONG: You were the first. You meant as much to me as Data ever did, but you were unstable. The colonists were not envious of you, they were afraid of you. You were unstable.
DATA: I am not less perfect than Lore.
LORE: Why didn't you just fix me? It was within your power to fix me.
SOONG: It wasn't as easy as that. The next, the next logical step was to construct Data. Afterward, I planned to get back to you, to fix you.
LORE: Next logical step.


(emphasis mine)


Soong was attempting to create the positronic brain, something which nobody in Star Trek canon has been able to replicate (meaning it is exceptionally difficult). Memory Alpha's synopsis of B4 adds some clarity

B-4 was a prototype android constructed by Doctor Noonian Soong on Omicron Theta in the 2330s. He was one of three failed prototypes and the only one to survive a significant amount of time after his activation before the construction of Lore was successful.

Bruce Maddox is working from an entirely different methodology than Soong did. Remembrance made that clear (emphasis mine)

JURATI: No one has ever been able to redevelop the science used to create Data. Then came Bruce.
PICARD: Maddox.
JURATI: He recruited me out of Starfleet. Despite Data's death, we came so close. Then we got shut down, and it crushed him.
PICARD: Where is he now?
JURATI: He disappeared after the ban.
PICARD: I've tried to find him, but You said "despite Data's death", meaning that any new synthetic would have to be made from Data.
JURATI: Advanced ones, yes. If you had Data's neural net, perfecting a flesh-and-blood host body would be relatively simple.
PICARD: But his neurons died with him.
JURATI: See, now you're coming around to that "no" I've been promising you.
PICARD: Does this mean anything to you? [shows her Dahj's double-ring necklace]
JURATI: Where did you get that?
PICARD: From my tea-drinking companion. The one you said couldn't exist.
JURATI: I really really wish you'd come here on my day off. It's a symbol for fractal neuronic cloning.
PICARD: I'm sorry?
JURATI: It was a radical, beautiful idea of Maddox's. His theory was that Data's entire code, even his memories, could be reconstituted from a single positronic neuron. If there is a synth out there who is perfect, like you say Then Data, or some part of him --
PICARD: an essence of him --
JURATI: Essence, yes. Would be alive. There'd be no way of knowing - without examining Dahj
PICARD: Uh, I'm sorry? "Them"?
JURATI: They're created in pairs.

The fact that Picard himself was surprised by there being a "pair", means this was new to him as well.


No. Data was created after Lore with different programming.

From his Wikipedia article:

In "Datalore", Data discovers his amoral brother, Lore, and learns that he was created after Lore.

Furthermore Data and Lore are not the only androids constructed by Dr. Soong:

Because of Julianna Soong's inability to conceive children, Data has at least five robotic siblings (two of which are Lore and B-4). Later on, his "mother" is revealed also to be his positronic sister as the real Julianna Soong died and was replaced with an identical Soong-type android, the most advanced one that Dr. Soong was known to have built.

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    Wikipedia isn't exactly an authoritative source, could you get the quotes from the primary source to back this up?
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  • Who are the other siblings? Commented Feb 17, 2020 at 18:27

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