I distinctly remember as a kid in probably the mid-90s watching a series of one-off sci fi shorts. Quite dark / hard sci fi. Kind of a manga vibe but not necessarily Japanese. I seem to recall they (or at least this one) had little / no dialogue? Almost certainly Channel 4 / BBC2.

I remember one in particular about someone (maybe an assassin?) who had to keep shooting a crane so it wouldn't dock with her escape pod while she was trying to finish something against the clock. I'm pretty sure she died in the end.

  • She dies in the end of more or less each episode. – Lexible Feb 19 at 16:09

I think this might be Æon Flux. According to Wikipedia it was shown on BBC's Liquid Television.

In the mid-1990s, the BBC showed the Liquid Television shorts, which included all of the Æon Flux shorts.

This is one of the characters from it which might match the style you remember.

Æon Flux female character wielding a pistol

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  • I think that might be it! Fast work! It's taken years to work that out Many thanks. – user126280 Feb 19 at 15:55

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