This is bugging me because it's a random detail I remember that's stuck in my head. The main character is entering the lair of one or more vampires and happens upon a box of what seems to be sand and bits of metal, which they eventually realize used to be a piece of electronics, but something about the entropic nature of vampires had caused the silicon in the chips to revert to sand.

I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere between 2000 and 2015 as a physical book, in English. Vampires were inherently antithetical to life, and spread if not exterminated.


In Ben Aaronovitch's 'Rivers of London' series, any use of magic tends to return silicon-based electronics back into their original form i.e. sand. In the first book of the series they investigate a house occupied by vampires.

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    And i have read that series, so that is probably it! – FuzzyBoots Feb 19 at 22:59
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    Curious, does he provide any explanation for why windows, mirrors, aluminum, even steel etc wouldn't turn into sand or unrefined elements as well? are electronics themselves presented as a form of magic? – Lassi Kinnunen Feb 20 at 17:21
  • @LassiKinnunen Jim Butcher's Dresden Files has some complex interference between magic and sophisticated networking and digital electronics technologies. Cell phones a no go. VW Beetles marginally Ok. – Lexible Feb 21 at 2:46

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