I have been sifting through the eroding and fragmented memories I have regarding a science fiction story I read in college about a decade ago. My desperate assault on Google -- which has now lasted a full week -- has frustratingly yielded no answers.

The story involves the creator of artificial intelligence, who is nearing the end of his life. The protagonist, somehow involved with either helping or stopping this man (I cannot remember which) ends up travelling to the moon, where the artificial intelligence machines have been exiled. The creator of AI ultimately succeeds in uploading his consciousness into a machine and the story ends with a high-speed chase involving an ice cream truck.

Now that I see these memories written down...it seems like I made it all up... Am I mad? Or does someone out there have the answer that I so desperately seek? Please help. I am at your mercy science fiction reading community.


This is Rudy Rucker's Ware Tetralogy. The bit about the ice-cream truck is from the first book, Software, and the moon bit is from the second, Wetware.

You can download a free eBook of the series from the author's site.


It almost sounds like a garbled memory of Foundation and Earth, except for the ice-cream truck part (absent), and the AI uploading to a machine (Daneel R. Olivaw uploads to person).

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