According to this answer, Linda Hamilton turned down a part in the third film was because she wasn't happy with the script. Are there any known details of this script? Given the presence of the part strong parts: John Connor and Kate Brewster, what room was there for Sarah Connor? Or was the role of Kate Brewster made more prominent?


Although it's not entirely clear which draft version of the script Linda Hamilton was referring to, we do have access to the first draft of T3: Rise of the Machines by Tedi Sarafian, in which Sarah dies.

You can read a copy online here. Kate Brewster doesn't exist. The (Arnie) Terminator is originally assumed to be the baddie and the T-1G (advanced prototype Terminatrix) seems to be protecting John

until it becomes clear that she's just using him to get to Skynet in order to help it evolve.

Oh, and Sarah dies on page 109 of 119, not "halfway" in but I can imagine that Linda Hamilton was pretty grumpy about not making it to the end, especially when she's barely in the first 48 pages.

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