In Jumanji: The Next Level (2019), Milo tells Eddie:

Milo: You know, Gladys and I took a road trip before she passed. We went on a ceramics tour through the Southwest.

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Many (some) people find the idea of touring potteries and ceramics villages to be an appealing way to spend a few days. This, for example, is a Ceramics Tour of Japan where you'll meet potters, see a working pottery, visit a pottery fair and attend a pottery museum.

One would imagine that a ceramics tour of the American Southwest would encompass a range of pottery activities like visiting the Arizona State Museum Pottery Wing and a trip to the Old Pueblo Archaeology Centre to see traditional 'indigenous peoples' pottery, etc etc.

Note that this is the sort of thing that would largely appeal to someone who's retired. The line (along with the non-modern name "Gladys") is intended to highlight Milo's advanced age.


They probably visited various Pueblos; Indian pottery is very collectable. They're mostly in New Mexico - San Ildefonso and Acoma, for example, and Mata Ortiz in Mexico is quite famous for pottery.

It's gorgeous stuff and often pricy.

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