Phineas and Ferb aired from 2007-2015. Milo Murphey's Law first aired in 2016, according to Wikipedia there may or may not be another season at some point in the future. These 2 shows are crossovers, they take place in the same universe. MML seemingly takes place shortly after P&F, but I'd like to have a more precise time frame. Here's what I have so far:

  • P&F takes place during the Summer
  • At the end of P&F, Dr. Doofensmirtz becomes a good guy
  • From the episode Doof 101 that he becomes a teacher once the school year starts
  • In MML he is not evil nor a teacher, this show takes place during the school year as characters are at school at several points
  • Most likely Dr. Doofernsmirtz wouldn't have left teaching in the middle of a semester so it's likely not during the Fall directly after the show
  • When various children from P&F appear in MML they are seemingly the same age so apparently it's not long after the conclusion of that show

Does anyone have more pinpoint info on this?

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