Humans dumped on a hostile planet by nasty aliens. Many humans die but they gradually adapt, they tame some of the native animals (one is a sort of massive wolf linked telepathically to the humans using another animal) The aliens land again and the humans storm the ship and take it over

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    What's the actual question? Is this a story identification or just reminiscence? – Bitter dreggs. Mar 24 at 2:35
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    If you're looking for an identification of this story you should add the story-identification tag and the appropriate media tag (e.g. movie, novel, short-story). You should also check out the suggestions for good story-id questions. – DavidW Mar 24 at 2:48
  • I'll suggest CJ Cherryh's 40,000 in Gehenna again. – Spencer Mar 24 at 21:23
  • In a comment I suggested Tom Godwin's Space Prison aka The Survivors.. Seemed like a good match but evidently NOT the one we're looking for, seeing as you didn't accept it. Can you recall any more details about your story? Are there any unicorns on the planet? Do the marooned humans try to send a radio message to the nasty aliens? – user14111 Mar 25 at 14:26

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