I don't speak English, but a while ago I read this Drarry fic that I cannot find now. I remember some parts of it, though. The fic is in English, I think. I think I read on fanfiction.net or ao3 and it was in third-person omniscient.

Harry didn't live with the Dursley family. I can't remember if Harry lives with Severus or Sirius. If he lives with Sirius, Sirius is in a relationship with Remus. I am 90% sure that there is a good relationship between Harry's guardians and Draco's parents.

Draco and Harry were close friends since they were kids, they have some kind of special relationship like the Veelas or soulmates, but I'm not sure what.

Harry likes Draco a lot, but Draco doesn't seem very interested. He wants to meet many people, and he doesn't want a relationship or at least he doesn't want a relationship with Harry.

I remember a scene where Harry goes to Malfoy Manor for Draco's birthday, but he isn't there. Draco was at somebody's house (I believe Blaise's) and Harry was sad. When Draco arrived, Remus noticed that he had the smell of someone else on him and told him to take a bath.

Other than that, I remember one day there was a party or celebration. Draco took someone (maybe Blaise or Pansy) to the kitchen to kiss, thinking that no one was going to see them, but Harry wanted something to drink. He goes to the kitchen and he finds Draco and the other person. Harry drops a glass he had in his hand, he cries, and then he runs away. I think adults talk to Draco about that.

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