There was an old anthology of horror/sci-fi stories that I read in about 1975, but the paperback was older. I think it was a Twilight Zone, with Rod Serling maybe on the back cover. But it was not a collection of the television series scripts. I think maybe Serling was just used on the back cover to promote sales. It had a story called, "Dead Language Teacher." Which was about a bad boy in school who was troublesome to the Latin teacher, I think, it was.

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I can’t read the entire story, but could the story be Dead Language Master by Joan Aiken?

Mr Fletcher taught us Latin. He was the shape of a domino. No, that’s wrong, because he wasn’t square; he looked as though he had been cut out of a domino. He had shape but no depth, you felt as though he could have slipped through the crack at the hinge of a door if he’d gone sideways.

This story has been in many sci-fi/horror anthologies, the first of which was published in 1965.


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