I don’t really remember the anime or the name of the characters but what I do remember is:

  1. The characters fight beasts and when they beat them the beasts turn into crystals
  2. The mc has a crystal from a wolf and the overall color is white and red
  3. There is a building that turns into an airship
  4. Some of the other characters’ beasts are named orochi and winged garuda
  5. The mc’s family owns a bento restaurant
  6. It was shown on Toonami

could be one of the tenchi muyo series, theres several and all of them ran on toonami

  • Could you edit this to give it a bit more of a description of how it matches and also which one it likely is? It’s quite bare and brief at the moment. – TheLethalCarrot Apr 19 '20 at 11:43

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