The narrator is going to visit her sister who has undergone a procedure to make her more plant than animal, so as to be a student of, and "serve" these wise, sentient giant tree like beings. The twist is that we realize that what we think of as wise and thoughtful 'beings' end up harboring a potential for aggression and abuse, just like humans. Her sister is suffering abuse from her 'teachers' the trees.

Might be from the Year's Best Science Fiction collection.

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    Can you give more information as to when you read this story, and other clues to when it was published?
    – user888379
    Apr 10, 2020 at 0:38

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I think this is Into Greenwood by Jim Grimsley

It was published in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Nineteenth Annual Collection and first in Asimov's Science Fiction, September 2001

From what I remember of the story, this fits.

It was also put forward as the answer to an earlier question (with different genders).

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