The movies is from the 80s-90s. A centaur-shaped alien is trapped in a military base, builds a death ray at the end of the movie, folds a man in half in one scene.

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    This question seems to be an exercise in terseness. Can you expand on what you mean by a centaur-shape alien? Where was the military base? Who were the military, humans or other aliens? Was the centaur a villain? What did the death ray accomplish? Why was he going around folding people in half?
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    Apr 16, 2020 at 23:38
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Could this be Lifeform (AKA Invader) from 1996? The titular lifeform is a sort of horse-alien thing trapped on a military base. At the end it turns some comms equipment into a weapon.

Military-type man seen from behind, wearing a helmet, targeted by a ray of light handled by a thin blurry creature

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