In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker I was wondering who this person is? She appears near the end of the film

I looked through quite a few of the 'cameos' websites/zines, but couldn't find anything.

Old lady wearing a headscarf, holding the reins of an animal's bridle. Desert-like landscape

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    I assume you mean the person on the left. – Valorum Apr 19 at 23:14
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    I think I just decided in my head canon that she is one of the group of kids that watched Anikan build his pod racer in TPM. – BlindedByBeamos Jun 10 at 3:13

The lady in question is simply a resident of Tatooine. She doesn't get a character name in the credits (or any of the related media) and is just described as

"An old human woman"

in the official novelisation and as

Tatooine Elder

in the end credits.

There's no good indication that she's a cameo. She was played by Ann Firbank who hasn't appeared in any previous Star Wars properties.

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  • Given Firbank is an established actress, how are you/do they distinguish between, say, 'appearing' and 'cameo'..? – wcullen Apr 19 at 23:07
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    @wcullen - That's a fair question but I wouldn't say that she's famous enough to merit a "cameo" mention unless she has some other connection to the director/film series. Note that she's not uncredited, she has a credit but her role was so minor that it doesn't warrant a name. – Valorum Apr 19 at 23:10

I actually think that this is a cameo appearance (well-known, established actor) rather than a bit part (aspiring actor, no supporting or lead roles).

Ann Firbank is a Royal Shakespeare Co veteran. She does have a (tenuous) connexion with Star Wars through her RSC colleagues Sebastian Shaw who played Anakin Skywalker and Ian McDiarmid who played Sheev Palpatine in Star Wars Episode VI.

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    Alec Guinness was also a RSC player. Since it was filmed in England, you can probably chuck a stone and hit an actor/actress that age that had played in the RSC ;) - tenuous connection at best, and unlikely to be a deliberate choice – NKCampbell Apr 20 at 22:01
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    I would ask those who disagree that Ann Firbank is not an example of a cameo to direct me to how they are determining that. The definitions of a 'cameo appearance' seem to fall between "a brief appearance or voice part of a well known person in a work of the performing arts" (Wikipedia) or "a short appearance in a film or play by a well-known actor (Longman Dictionary). Some expanded discussions (e.g. Wiki) do talk about some specifics; but, none would seem to leave Firbank out. I certainly appreciate the discussion, but I think those disagreeing are using a narrow use of the term. – wcullen Apr 21 at 5:56
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    I really don't think she's a cameo. I just think she was hired as an actress to play a small role. – Valorum Apr 21 at 7:43
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    @Valorum - Like I said earlier, the real nature of the choice is a matter of speculation on our part. I obviously don't have any better evidence for my conclusion apart from common or accepted definitions; and I don't see any solid evidence for this being a mere bit part. So I think we're just going to remain stuck with what little we do have, and that's basically no real evidence either way. – elemtilas Apr 21 at 18:08
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    Ann Firbank IS a well established/well known actress (UK film, TV, and theatre). Being 87 y/o in 2017 it seems unlikely that she was just another hire. I gave two examples of 'cameo appearance' and she meets these on all accounts. I also add that, from what I've read, a lot of what constitutes a 'cameo appearance' can have as much to do with connections on those working inside the industry as it can by way of recognition by audiences. So, even if we, as an audience, don't recognize her (or see her as famous) other audiences (e.g. UK) likely do and her connection maybe an insider connection. – wcullen Apr 21 at 19:55

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