In the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series the main Cylon ship was always called a baseship. In what episode was it ever called a basestar in 1978? The basestar name was used in the 2004 series only that I can recall.

  • I always knew them as basestars even before the reboot series aired.
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This clip from the original series finale, "The Hand of God", confirms the use of the term "Base Star" at approx. 17-18 seconds in. There are additional uses of the term throughout the series, as noted in another answer using transcript excerpts.


I don't have the originals to hand, but the transcripts here suggest that base star was used in multiple episodes. Early examples:

Saga of a Star World:

IMPERIOUS LEADER I will send with you a base star, entirely under your command. Lucifer?

Lost Planet of the Gods:

BALTAR As they did at Carillon? Hmm? Hm. One base star is not sufficient to assure victory over the Galactica. Find her, but follow just beyond her scanner range.

The Gun on Ice Planet Zero:

RIGEL Cylon base stars, quadrant Epsilon, closing rapidly.

The Living Legend:

ADAMA Good Lord! A Cylon base star?

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    Guess I missed the basestar references which can be easy to overlook. I went back and re watched parts of the original series and heard the basestar used along with baseship.
    – user76394
    Commented Apr 27, 2020 at 0:26

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