Are these two DC films connected in much the same way Batman V Superman was connected to Suicide Squad? Or were they meant to completely separate takes on characters who happen to be linked in the same universe, such as the DCEU is it's own distinct entity from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight continuity.

Essentially, I'm asking if there is any "Word of God" or at least heavily implied connection between the most recent Joker film and the upcoming 2021 The Batman. I've heard of no connection, but if one existed, it could possibly show the young Bruce from the previous Joaquin Phoenix film....

image of the Joker with young Bruce in Joker

may grow up into the Robert Pattison version of The Batman?

Robert Patterson Batman

Robert Patterson Batman... in red lighting Or are these supposed to be/meant to be two completely separate worlds/continuities?

I know Joker was meant more or less to be a "stand alone" movie...but the timelines seem to sync [Bruce is a kid in the early 80s, so depending on when it takes place, Pattison could pass for a guy who trained for 20 years, took some time to establish an identity and be a 30-something Batman.] This may also make sense in terms of the "grittier" tone both films seem to want to engender; perhaps this Joker could have inspired a Joker in the Batman timeline?

Also keep in mind that the Joker film isn't necessarily reliable, due to Arthur Fleck's perspective being twisted by his illness. This could also include his memories of the dates his film supposedly took place in.

Is there any formal information which can verify this?


Todd Phillips was asked if Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker would ever appear alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman in a future film. He has flatly ruled it out.

“Joker” director and co-writer Todd Phillips wants comic book movie fans to know that there is no chance of Joaquin Phoenix’s villain and Robert Pattinson’s Batman ever crossing over on the big screen. Pattinson’s Variety cover story sparked rumors last week that his upcoming iteration of Batman might meet Phoenix’s Joker at some point since both Warner Bros. releases exist outside of the DC Extended Universe. Phillips bluntly told Variety at TIFF that won’t be the case.

“No, definitely not,” Phillips said when asked if Phoenix and Pattinson would appear in a future film together.

IndieWire, Todd Phillips Shuts Down Rumor ‘Joker’ Sequel Will Star Robert Pattinson’s Batman

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