I watched that film about 15-20 years ago.

From what I remember it seemed also to have strong comedy elements. It started with a college (or late high school?) guy who delivers something to a house. There he is seduced by a beautiful vampiress and...bitten.

He then turns into a vampire and gets a visit by an old mentor type vampire who tells him the pros and cons of being a vampire (like aging only 1 year every 10 years and that as he is not a dead living but a living dead sunlight is hurting his eyes a bit, but does not turn him to ash).

From what I then remember:

  • He has a best friend who is quite well read
  • He tries out his newfound powers.....also trying to hypnotize the girl he likes...but I THINK it didn't work on her....in the end he tries to get her to like him the old fashioned way
  • The Vampiress who turned him gets a visit by a vampire hunter and his assistant and seemingly dies when her house burns down.
  • The vampire hunters manage to track him down and after much action they corner him on a cemetery where his friend and the girl protect him.
  • Suddenly the old vampire turns up as does the vampiress who everyone thought of as dead, and turns the hunter.
  • The assistant flees swearing to stay as a vampire hunter to avenge his (now vampire) boss.
  • The girl and the main character kiss

That is about all I remember of that film.

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I think this is My Best Friend Is A Vampire. It was released in 1987.

From Wikipedia:

Recently, Jeremy has been having some weird nightmares about a strange woman trying to seduce him, and later he actually encounters that woman named Nora (Cecilia Peck), who makes an obvious invitation to him, while delivering groceries. His skirt-chasing friend Ralph (Evan Mirand) convinces him to take up the opportunity for a first erotic experience. But the encounter goes badly: First the woman bites him in the neck, then two strangers burst into the house, forcing Jeremy to run for his life.

All points seem to match the film.

  • The main character wears sunglasses because the sunlight hurts his eyes.

  • He is chased by vampire hunters to a chapel but ultimately saved by his vampire mentor and his vampire sire.

  • One of the hunters is turned in to a vampire himself.

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