The novel is set against the backdrop of an economic collapse in the near future US. At one point a demonstration for a bailout is used as cover for a terrorist attack. There's a character who's a former startup executive who takes a drug that gives him amnesia. He lives in a housing project that gets overwhelmed by a series of GMO lifeforms that spawn each other designed by someone called "The Architect". The Architect is immensely talented but embittered by growing up poor. He works for a firm specialising in genetic engineering. The novel was written by an executive who worked in either tech or biotech. I think the word is Deus is significant, but from looking on Amazon it doesn't look like it's the title. I read it in paperback in 1997 or 1998.


This is The Deus Machine (1993) by Pierre Ouellette.

This review mentions most of the elements you've described.

A brilliant computer systems analyst known as "The Architect" has created a form of self correcting and evolving artificial intelligence known as DEUS. This network nexus is able to think, emote and essentially functions as a living entity.

  • That's the one, thank you.
    – Dave
    May 1 '20 at 17:48

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