It seems it could be interpreted both ways at this point, but I was wondering if anyone has encountered any strong evidence I haven’t.


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Here's the order of the relevant events as presented in the episode:

  • Obi-Wan's briefing; Obi-Wan tells Ahsoka to capture Maul to learn more about Sidious
  • The briefing is interrupted by Rex, saying there's been an attack
  • Ahsoka and Rex leave the briefing to meet Sterling, who tells them about Jesse being captured by Maul
  • Maul interrogates Jesse and tells Gar Saxon to kill Almec
  • Ahsoka, Rex, and Bo-Katan meet Almec in prison to ask what Maul knows about Sidious
  • Gar Saxon shoots Almec

Each of the Ahsoka scenes follows from the previous scene, so they must take place in chronological order.

According to the Canon reference book Star Wars: Timelines, Almec's death happens before Anakin goes to the opera, which happens before Obi-Wan travels to Utapau. These events are shown as taking place in consecutive order:

  • Code of silence: On Maul's command, Saxon shoots Almec before Ahsoka can finish questioning him, then makes his getaway.
  • Maul orders his underlings to go into hiding.
  • A Jedi's temptation: At Coruscant's Galaxies Opera House, Palpatine plays on Anakin's doubt and anger about the Jedi's integrity, guessing that they asked him to be their spy. [...]
  • Obi-Wan travels to Utapau to hunt for Grievous.
  • Street fight: Clone troopers, Bo-Katan's commandos, and Saxon's warriors battle in the streets of Sundari, with the Republic's forces winning the day.

Star Wars: Timelines, pages 100-101, "Jedi on the Brink"; emphasis added

Putting these chains of events together, the briefing occurs before Obi-Wan leaves.

  • Assuming the episode is chronologically sequenced.
    – Spencer
    Commented May 7, 2023 at 13:02
  • @Spencer Ahsoka is present in both scenes, and her discussion with Almec about Sidious is directly informed by her conversation with Obi-Wan.
    – Milo P
    Commented May 8, 2023 at 16:12
  • Please edit that into your answer.
    – Spencer
    Commented May 8, 2023 at 18:31
  • @Spencer Updated
    – Milo P
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