I saw a small independent film several years ago and can not remember the name of it. The entire film happened in a small office setting. It turns out that aliens are invading and some of them are in this office. One of the employees kept saying he was going to send a strongly worded memo about something. He was a bit scruffy with shoulder length hair and a mostly laid back attitude.

I believe that the words "strongly worded memo" are in the lyrics of the song during the end credits.

I have tried looking for the end credit song by the lyrics, and that did not help.

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This sounds like Drones from 2010.

I haven't seen it, but it's set in an office and is about a universal threat.

Plus it has this song about a stongly worded memo.


Could this be "Drones"? That was a small independent film from 2010, in which aliens plan to destroy the Earth, and have sent an advance party of scouts. One of these is a women, working in a small office, and the protagonist of the film, Brian, falls in love with her. There was indeed a scruffy, laid-back guy with long hair played by Dave Allen. If I recall correctly, the opening song was called "Strongly Worded Memo".

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