I was just wondering if all of the Sith Star Destroyers from The Rise of Skywalker were destroyed in the Rebel fleet's attack or if there are some that survived, possibly beneath the surface of the planet.

Canon sources preferred, please.


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It seems that they were all destroyed:

With Palpatine dead the Resistance could not be stopped. The Final Order fleet fell into disarray as the Resistance systematically destroyed each Star Destroyer. As the fleet's numbers thinned the crews of the remaining vessels began to abandon ship rather than face inevitable death aboard their doomed warships.

Disabled Star Destroyers fell from the sky, crashing into Exegol. Many pierced the surface completely, causing irreparable damage to the vast subterranean infrastructure that had previously been used by the Sith Eternal to build the fleet.

Battles that Changed the Galaxy, p250

The same source confirms that all of the Sith Eternal were killed in the battle:



SITH ETERNAL: The resurrected Emperor Palpatine and the entirety of the Sith Eternal cult were wiped out in the battle. Alongside them, General Pryde and the crew of the Steadfast all perished.

Battles that Changed the Galaxy, p250

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