• A short story, mean farmer who finds a hole/cave that has aliens/monsters who give him gold in exchange for food
  • Provides chickens
  • Ends up disappearing
  • Wife goes to cave/hole and receives a note asking for the more chicken like the last one - her husband
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This is a dupe of Old story about mysterious creatures at the bottom of a well that have a taste for "live turkey" (i.e. human flesh)?, which has the answer of "Hey You, Down There" by Harold Rolseth.

  • A farmer digs a new well and discovers some sort of civilization of 'monsters'.
  • The farmer and his wife/daughter feed the 'monsters' by lowering down a turkey in a bucket.
  • The 'monsters' communicate back with the farmer using notes.
  • The farmer descends into the well, curious about the 'monsters'.
  • The 'monsters' send a note back up the well, thanking the wife for the delicious meal.

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