Black Mask says to Mr Keo:

Black Mask: I'm not talking superficial partnerships. I'm talking you and me having each other's backs. The Golden Lions can't just wander into Gotham National Bank. I can. Loans, liquidity, laundering. Look, if you bring your boys into the fold, there are no limits to what we could achieve together.

I know the Golden Lions have operated in Gotham for nearly 100 years. So what does "wander into" mean?

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The question is more appropriate to English Language exchange, but 'Wander in' means to walk in casually.

As per Webster's definition;

Definition of wander intransitive verb

1a: to move about without a fixed course, aim, or goal

1b: to go idly about : RAMBLE

In this instance it is being made clear that the Golden Lions turning up at the bank will be noticed.

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