Looking for a book I read in the early 1980s. A large colony ship is heading to another planet.

All I can remember is a couple quotes and situations:

  1. The captain (or some authority figure on the ship) says "there are two tough guys on this ship, and I'm both of them"

  2. One of the passengers is a very sexy sixteen-year old - somebody wonders "If she's like this at sixteen, what could the future hold?"

  3. They're exploring a planet and a plant seems to speak to one of the scientists. "Intellegent?!" he marvels. The plant eats him. It's not an intellegent life-form, it turns out it only mimics sounds that it hears.

Not much to go on, I admit. I read it in the early 80s, and if I remember right it was a fairly long book - maybe 400 or 500 pages.

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Star Colony by Keith Laumer.

Coming in fast and low, the huge ship made planetfall. Three years out from Terra, the colony ship Omega had reached her destination, and the crew began to off-load the cargo and passengers.

Then the ship vanished.

Against the vast panorama of an unexplored universe, Keith Laumer sets this first volume of the history of the world called Colmar - mankind's first venture among the stars.

From a Google Books search for "two tough guys" colony ship:

“There's only two tough guys aboard this tub,” he stated, “and I'm both of 'em. Dismissed,”


Tey was unpreparted for the impact of the face-to-face confrontation with the ravishing youth, beauty, and above all, feminimity of Renee, who in turn seemed almost drab in contrast with the full-blooming radiance of the prime young beauty beside her, whom Tey barely recognized as Sugar. If she's like this at almost sixteen, his dazed mind wondered, what can the future hold?

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